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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was studying for patterns and themes among the topic of prayer. I found three basic areas. The first is the physical way to pray; where, out loud, in our hearts, always, on alter, in the house of the Lord, in the closet, and through song. The second is the things we should include in our prayers; pray for others, pray for those we love, pray for our enemies, give thanks, with fasting, ask for forgiveness, teach our children, with the Spirit to help us, in humility, to inquire for help, after we study it out, Seek, search with all of our hearts, for faith, to enter no into temptation, for strength through our trials, pour out our hearts, and united. And finally, the blessings and great responses we get from our Father in Heaven; He hears us, He knows and understands how we feel, we will be found, He knows beforehand, we will be spared, we can spare others, and our countenance may be altered.

I am grateful for the power of prayer and the blessing it is in my life. I know that as I search and study and pray that He does hear and answer my prayers. He blesses me continuously. I am able to know of His will and be comforted through hard times, and blessed.

I want to leave with a great quote by Elder Packer concerning scripture study, "With the passing of years, these scriptures will produce successive generations of faithful Christians who know the Lord Jesus Christ and are disposed to obey His will. The older generation has been raised without them, but there is another generation growing up. The revelations will be opened to them as to no other in the history of the world. Into thier hands now are placed the sticks of Joseph and of Judah. They will develop a gospel scholarship beyond that which their forebears could achieve. They will have the testimony that Jesus is the Christ ad be competatn to proclaim Him and to defend Him." Elder Bednar states that we are that generation. I see my children and see how much better they know the scriptures and I know they will be even stronger than my generation. I am so grateful for them and the influence they have in our lives. As we cleave unto the iron rod, the scriptures, we will be able to make it back to our Father in Heaven.

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B.A. King Family said...

I'm here...I love what you've written so far and I'm so excited to start studying the scriptures with more purpose. Thank you for taking the time to do this and to motivate and inspire.