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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More thoughts of Prayer

We had an amazing sacrament meeting. He shared an experience he had on his mission. His mission president asked when was the last time you had a spiritual experience, and the elders and sisters shared times that they hadn't known which street to turn on and the Lord helped them find the right house, and many other great missionary stories. The mission president's response was those are great experiences and I am so grateful that you have had those experiences. It is great to see the Lord working in your lives. The last time you should have had a spiritual experience was when you you were praying this morning. This caused him to reflect throughout his life, and it has given me much reflection since Sunday.

In John 5:2-9, it is the story of the man that went to the pool of Bethesda where the angels would turn the water and the first one in would be healed. He was unable to move quick enough to get into the pool before someone else would each time the pool turned. The Lord came to the man and said, "Rise and take up thy bed and walk." "And immediately the man was made whole. " We can all become whole through the Lord.

In Matthew and Mark we read of the story of the Apostles on the water and the winds come and it is on the 4th watch that the Savior calms the waters. He often waits until we are in our final watch when we feel like we have done all that we can and have endured and then He comes and answers our prayers and calms the troubled waters.

3 Nephi 17: 20 - 24 is one of my favorite scriptures. I love that He took the children one by one and He knew them by name just as He knows each of us by name, and then He blessed them and then the angels did minister unto them. I talked with a member of the Stake Presidency in Texas about this set of scriptures, and he pointed out that maybe the reason this happened was so that the parents could see their children being taught by the Spirit and to see the important role that is as parents. I have often reflected on this and thought on how my children are so benefited when we provide opportunities for them to feel the Spirit and to know for themselves the truthes in the gospel. Our trip to Palmyra and Kirkland Ohio this summer were great testimony builders for my sweet children, where they felt the Spirit for themselves in the Sacred Grove and on Hill Cumorah.

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