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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deuteronomy 11

My good Friend goes to the temple every week and the last time she read Deuteronomy chapter 11. She shared with me some insights that she had learned. So, it has been my goal for a few days to really study it. I had a chance to read it this morning at 5:40 before my run and enjoyed the insights from this scripture.
I was struck first when I read verses 12 through 14 as it describes how the Lord promised the Israelites that if they were diligent in keeping the commandments they would ble blessed with rain in the season that they would need the rain for their crops. Disobedience would conversely withhold rain. How often do we take the rain and the weather for granted? How often do I look at the weather as purely an area thing, or just a natural occurance. This reminds me that rain come from the Lord as a gift. How more thankful I need to be when we recieve the good rain.
Verse 18 has some great reference to the temple. Reminding us that they too were temple covenant people and showing significance to what happens in the temple.
Verse 19 was a great reminder of the importance of teaching our children. It says to teach them when you sit, when you walk, when you lie down, and when you rise. So pretty much all the time. That is so many times the answer to my prayers when I want to know how to reach a child. A reminder to teach them the gospel and the answers come from there. Also, I can't count the times that the scripture in Family Scripture Study or one on one study with our kids has been an answer to a pray.
Verses 26-28 has the theme I see many times in the scriptures. A blessing and a curse, a great and dreadful day. The Lord gives blessings and consequences according to our obedience. It is up to us to choose to obey and recieve the blessings.

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