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Friday, January 9, 2009

Manna and Intelligences

I love to read the scriptures. Every time, I feel like I learn a new gem. In our recent study in Gospel Principles class, we have been talking about the preexistence and my mind has pondered the word Intelligence. It made for a great scripture study. I have included a few quotes. The first is by Elder Bednar from an article in the Friend.
"The glory of God is intelligence." You might think intelligence means being gifted in academic work, but intelligence also means applying the knowledge we obtain for righteous purposes."
President Taylor said, "His intelligence, lit up by God and followed out, will be expansive as the world and spread through space; his law is the law of love; his rule, the rule of right to all. He loves his neighbor, and he does him good; he loves his God and therefore worships him; he sees
the power of truth, which like the lights of God, spreads through all space, illuminates all worlds, and penetrates where men or angels, God or spheres are known; he clings to it.
Abraham 3 shares a lot of insight into this topic as well. I am so thankful for the scriptures and the impact they have in my life.

We had a great Stake Conference a few weeks ago. Saturday night's adult session was amazing. A sister in our stake gave an excellent talk on Manna. I have been studying it a little on my own, and just wanted to write some of these gems that I learned.
In John 6:28-35, we read in a request by the people as to where their signs are, because the Israelites received manna. Jesus responds that He is the manna. He is the bread of life. In John 1:1, we read that He is the word. So, Manna is the word of God. Just a little to share, if you want to study it out more.

My good friend Sara also studied Leprosy and found some great insights from study. I love the scriptures and I am so thankful for their influence in my life.

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