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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Luke 7:37-48

I love this passage of scripture about the sinner woman! Which of us isn't a sinner, I know I have my share and more? Perhaps she was a certain type of sinner something serious enough that Simon thought that the Savior shouldn't be letting her touch Him, interesting though that the Pharisee/Simon knew what kind of sinner she was. When this woman learned that the Savior was at the home of a Pharisee she took her best ointment in an alabaster box.
thought: Judas (keeper of the money bag) wanted to sell a certain ointment and give the money to the poor, ointment must have been expensive, a luxury maybe so I'm thinking maybe this woman has spent a lot of money for this ointment, she is making a personal sacrifice.
Then she begins to weep and bathe the Saviors feet with her tears, wipe them with her hair, and annoint them with the ointment I see personal and sincere service and sacrifice.
Then comes the Saviors' story about the two debtors (one owing a lot, one owing a little) and the creditor who frankly forgives both of them. He poses the question, which debtor loves the creditor most? Simon answers that the one who owed the most, loves the most. I love verse 47! After a little lecture on courtesy the Savior points out all that the woman has given and done on His behalf and then says, "Her sins, which are many, are forgiven for she loved much." Then he tells the woman that her sins are forgiven and "Thy faith hath saved thee: go in peace."
thought: I am not anywhere near perfect but I can:
1. Exercise faith and come to the Savior
2. Give my personal best
3. Give of myself
4. Love much

Hopefully, like her, my faith will save me.

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Tami said...

I was just reading in "The Holy Secret" something similar to this. The main character feels he is better than his father because he hasn't committed near as many sins and the ones he has committed aren't nearly as serious. Then, the realization is that we all sin. Since we are all sinners, one is not better than the other. Something I need to remember.